The Watson Special is a slim design AIWB holster. While not as adjustable as the CDA-II, it pulls the pistol tight into the body. Knifemaker Joe Watson, of Watson Knives asked me to build him an AIWB holster based on the IWB-SS. After discussing the project, I decided to incorporate some of the SS features along with elements of the SSA holster. The Watson Special is what I came up with.  It has 0 rake, a tapered reinforcement to tuck the grip in and a velcro patch on the back for a yaw pad. This holster can come with or without shields. Shields and loops are available in different styles.


Exotic Trims
Alligator trim, add $175
Stingray trim, add $175
Elephant trim, add $100
Hippopotamus trim, add $75 (has Suede type nap)
Wildebeest trim, add $100
Shark trim, add $100
Ostrich leg trim, add $75
Ring Lizard trim, add $75

Full Exotic Coverage (this holster is smooth leather in, with 100% wrap-around exotic coverage.)
Alligator(full Coverage), add $400
Stingray(full coverage), add $400
Elephant(full coverage), add $300
Hippopotamus (full coverage), add $300 (has suede type nap)
Wildebeest (full coverage), add $300
Shark (full coverage), add $300
Ring Lizard (full coverage), add $250