Your new J.R. Customs Holster is designed and molded for a specific model of handgun. Be sure to use it only with the model it was intended for.
When new, your holster will be very stiff and tight. It needs to be broken in. (see below)
When breaking in your holster, be sure the weapon is unloaded.
The leather used in your J.R. Customs Holster is veg-tanned Horsehide. It is wet molded and coated with natural beeswax. Never use any solvents, conditioners or oils to clean your holster. These may cause your holster to become too soft and lose some of it's retention molding.
I recommend cleaning your holster with a slightly damp chamois cloth. A clear paste wax like Kiwi Neutral shoe polish or pure Beeswax will work great to seal and buff out your holster.

Breaking in Your New Holster

Making sure your handgun is unloaded, lightly coat it with a little vegetable oil. Just enough to make the metal glisten, not until its dripping.

Holster the handgun and repeatedly draw and insert the handgun into the holster. This is something worthwhile doing while watching TV. There may be slight residue of beeswax in the holster, this will smooth out and work it's way into the holster during this process. It should be noted that the handgun draws much easier out of holster that is being worn.

It is also not a bad idea to leave the handgun in the holster for a few days to let the leather stretch just a bit. This is especially true of holsters with thumb-breaks (be sure to check to be sure the snap is closed every once and a while).

The holster is molded on a real belt and some curvature is already molded in. It is recommended that you wear the holster a few times to let it conform to your body and belt.

Take care of your J.R. Customs Holster and it will last for many years to come.

Thanks for your patronage,
Jim Ryan