I have both an inside the waistband and an outside the waistband holster from J.R Custom. They are by far the best holsters I've ever owned. They are finely crafted and the best quality I've ever come across.
Det. Tim Farrell NYPD (Retired) (BS-SS and IWB-CDA, S&W36)

Jim: I just opened the box and I love the holster!! It looks just like I had hoped it would.
I'm wearing it as I type and it fits great. It is exactly what I was looking for in an IWB for this particular weapon.
I love the character the leather has and the color as well.
It carries the weapon perfect and rides perfect.
I will continue to order from you and recommend you to anyone interested in a custom holster that is beyond any store bought one.
Kind Regards,
Phil M. (Retired Law Enforcement) (IWB-P1, Glock 23)

I got it the day I left for training.. It is amazing.. Thank you so much.. Mike F.· I.S.P. (IWB-P1, H&K P7M8)

Jim, Looks great. Fits my Glock like a glove. Love the worksmanship and color. D.R. (BS-SS, Glock 23)

Hi Jim: I received the holster today! Great job! It looks perfect and fits
great. I immediately put it on as I was wearing jeans and belt and then got the
Mod 36 and put it in the holster. I like it a lot and glad I decided to order
it. Much safer than the pull-through I had. In fact, I threw the old one away
today. I will keep you posted in the next few weeks as to how it's working out.
Now I need a 1911 and another P1 holster....
Thanks again. Phil M. (Retired Law Enforcement) (IWB-P1, S&W36)

"I did get the holster, and fit and finish are great. Really a good
looking rig. I have been working the pistol in and out a bit, getting
it ready for prime time, but have not really done much in terms of
wear, except running around the house."·
"It tucks in nice and tight, which I really like. I hate having to wear
shirts 2 sizes too large in order to conceal a pistol, and with my
current crop of carry shirts, the gun flat out disappears in your
holster. I can even get away with some of my larger/looser fitting
T-shirts."· Sean M. (IWB-P1 Modified, H&K P30)

I received my new IWB holster for a Kahr CW9, it is the most comfortable IWB that I have. The fit and retention of the pistol is perfect .· John Davis,John Davis Custom Knives (IWB-SS low ride, Kahr CW9)

Whoa, just got my new holster, the pic above doesn't do it justice. I've not seen such quality in a product since the early days of the second war, Iraq 03. Back then many defense industry companies stood up and gave thier best! -Mateo Luna, USN Retired· (BS-SS, 1911)

I approached Jim about updating the old cavalry draw. After listening to what I wanted, he made intelligent suggestions to improve the concept. Several weeks later he presented me with a light, beautifully made and extraordinarily comfortable holster.· I had expected the rig would be nice, but was unprepared for the way a .357 simply disappears under a light jacket.· This man knows what he is doing!· Jim, THANK YOU for treating me so well.········· Bill Barry, Tampa (BS-SSC, 3” Ruger SP101).

I have worn this SOB holster daily for two weeks.· It is an extremely
comfortable means of carrying a full size pistol. I have never worn any holster
as comfortable.· I have forgotten I am wearing it at times.· The holster is very
well made and the fit and finish is hard to match anywhere.
I carry a 3" 1911 and, if I am careful with how I extend my arms I can conceal
my weapon well.· If I reach out too far (like a push-up), the gun prints,
otherwise it is highly concealable.·
If you are on your feet a lot during the day, if you want a comfortable holster
for walking/hiking/biking, or if you wish to carry a full size gun as a back-up,
it would be hard to find a better holster then this one.
One more thing, the holster is meant to be carried under your kidney, not
directly on the spine.· This makes pistol presentation much easier and much more
efficient.· It is a great holster and I will be using mine often.
Chuck L. (SOB-5)·················

I ordered a 1.5 inch alligator belt from Jim, and from the very first he worked
with me, sending me photos of skins and walking me thru the process. Jim kept me
apprised of progress and when it arrived...wow. The only word that describes
this belt is gorgeous. Sized perfectly. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Jim to
my best friend or children. Jim Astrachan Baltimore, Md.

Jim: I received your package.· The holster for the Ruger Speed Six is tremendous;
am I glad I listened to you on the cant.· In your holster, that big revolver packs
as comfortably as any gun I have.· The fit is so good as-is, I just wore it
around the house for a few days and kept the gun in the holster.· It draws
smooth as silk.

I'm very pleased with your work, and you for that matter.· You're a pleasure to
do business with and will consider you my go-to "leather guy" for future needs.·
I also won't hesitate to recommend you to others.

By the way, I haven't tried out the Glock holster yet (my G17 is in pieces at
the moment).· I'll let you know when I get the gun back together this weekend.·
Regardless, your work to resolve my problem with someone else's product was
certainly "above and beyond"

Dan Chiariello
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
Lakeland, FL······················································· (BS-SN, Ruger Speed-Six)

Good morning Jim,
I just woke up after a hard day at training class. Temps were up to 94f with about 80% humidity with no shade and little to no wind in the 180* berms. It's safe to say it was hotter then hell and a great time to test out the new rig.
I have made a decision to train at all times in street clothes, let's be real here I'm not going to go to the 7-11 in ninja gear so why train that way?!?·
Cotton undershirt
Wicking UA type Polo untucked
Blue jeans
Cobra riggers belt
Kytex mag carriers
Round count was 450 with about 150-175 presentations from holster.
Onto my impressions,
Holy cow this holster is fast! I found it to be very fast and smooth, no jerking or extra effort was needed to draw with speed. About 90% of draws were at full speed. Reholstering was easy and smooth as well, I only had minor shifting/angling of the holster with the offset loop (I believe this to be because of the belt I used, I will use my Volund Gearworks Atlas belt next class to see if this minor issue is solved).
Did I mention it was hot? I did sweat the 2 gallons of water I drank through the day out. The holster held up great and only bled coloring onto my undershirt which I expected. Towards the end of class I did notice the guard had become sweat logged and pliable which caused me to have to be very aware while reholstering. Again this was not a down side to the holster but a product of the training conditions and my spare tire putting outwards pressure onto the guard. After inspection this morning the holster is dried out and still in new condition and not warped in any way due to sweat logging. Very impressed again. Coloring is still excellent even in the contact areas with sweat logged clothes and after several improvised shooting positions practiced (prone, modified prone, supine, and L/R variations of those positions). The holster was very comfortable in the prone and modified prone positions even while entering/exiting them. Drawing while on the move was very efficient and smooth with no hang ups.
The holster caused some jib jabbing during lunch time so I promptly removed it to let some nay-sayers have a whirl. They were very impressed with the workmanship and fit (none of them were AIWB users). I didn't convert anybody but they are definitely looking into your other holsters.
Granted this is my first foray into all leather holsters I believe I made the right choice and received every penny's worth of quality product that in turn is still modular and not confining to only one set up.
Well done sir.
John-Mark Campbell (AIWB-CDA)